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   Natural Choices products are environmentally healthy cleaning products created by the global manufacturer of eco-friendly products Pacific Sands, Inc. The mission    of Pacific Sands Inc. is to develop, manufacture and provide unique, non-toxic, earth, health and child friendly products.   Natural Choices products are an efficient    and economical way to clean your home, naturally. They are environmentally friendly and allergy safe natural cleaning products for people of all ages! Our product    lines satisfy the environment and health-conscious consumer’s primary needs in combining a high level of efficacy with earth and health safety considerations.

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Oxy-Boost Ultra Oxygen Bleach 5 lb pouch
Our Price: $9.99 Only available here!
Mineral Magic removes calcium, lime scale and rust stains quickly, easily and safely. It's a fast acting, powerful formula with no rubbing or scrubbing. Free of phosphates, solvents and harsh chemicals. Mineral Magic is a non-toxic formulation, using non-corrosive organic solutions that are effective on the hardest of lime, rust and calcium buildups both inside and outside your home.
Our multi-surface cleaner is the perfect daily cleaner to use in every room in your house. Use it on everything from countertops to children’s toys. Gentle, yet powerful cleaning agents remove the toughest grime and leave no chemical residue or odor.
Great for all non-porous surfaces in your home including sealed wood!
Contains no chlorine, ammonia, solvents, petrochemicals or alcohol
Ultra-concentrated Destainer and Deodorizer.

More than a decade’s worth of satisfied customers recommend OXY-Boost, the ultra-concentrated, oxygen bleach-based cleaner, de-stainer and deodorizer. OXY-Boost contains the highest known concentration of available active oxygen and is uniquely-formulated to work in all water types and temperatures. Unlike many products containing harsh and toxic chemicals, OXY-Boost actually breaks down and totally removes organic stains and odors rather than just covering them up.

Are you looking for a safer laundry detergent for your family? We specialize in making great products that are also safer for you and the environment !

Laundering becomes a breeze with the Ultra 4X natural choices liquid laundry detergent. This 4X concentrated laundry detergent helps in removing tough stains, yet is gentle on your clothes. Formulated using a perfume and dye-free formula, this liquid laundry detergent is safe for use with both HE and standard machines.
Tired of cleaning your bathroom wearing rubber gloves and a gas mask?
Our revolutionary new Bathroom Cleaner delivers the high-impact performance you expect against soap scum and hard water deposits without the smell and harsh chemicals. Now you can clean your shower while taking a shower.

Our Glass Cleaner completely rethinks the chemistry of glass cleaning products. Until now, effective glass cleaners contained ammonia, solvent, alcohol or dangerous glycol ether. Now, with natural choices you get the same cleaning power of those other brands without the chemical soup shortcuts.

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ecoone® SPA 6 Month kit
Our Price: $94.95
Our Price: $25.99

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Natural Choices Room & Fabric Patchouli
Our Price: $3.99
Oxy-boost Oxygen Bleach 20lb Bulk Box
Our Price: $59.95
Natural Choices Liquid Dish 32oz
Our Price: $4.99