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OXY-Boost is a versatile oxygen based multi purpose cleaner and detergent booster made for the environmentally conscious consumer. It is safe for use at all temperatures and on most water washable fabrics (not suitable for wool or silk) and in both hard or soft water. OXY-Boost is non-toxic, environmentally safe and has no harmful by-products or fillers! OXY-Boost contains no phosphates, chlorine, dyes or fragrances.
OXY-Boost has so many uses we have devoted an entire page to helping you discover just how versatile OXY-Boost is!
OXY-Boost, when mixed with water, creates oxygen power. Lots of oxygen power! NEVER MIX OXY-Boost WITH WATER TO SAVE IN A CLOSED CONTAINER! Pressure will build up in the container and has to be released somehow! (You can imagine the mess it could make).

Here is our OXY-Boost Easy Reference chart! Look at how versatile OXY-Boost is!

For the laundry

Add with your detergent. For light soil use 1/2 scoop per load, for moderate soil use 1 scoop and for heavy soil use 2 scoops. To use OXY-Boost as a pre-soak for heavily stained garments and cloth diapers, dissolve Oxy-Boost in warm/hot water and soak overnight.

Cleaning your toilet with Oxy-Boost:

We get a lot of questions about using Oxy-Boost to clean various places and things around the house. One of them is cleaning the dreaded toilet bowl. Oxy-Boost makes the toilet bowl sparkle!

Put a scoop of Oxy-Boost in a bucket and add some warm water to make it dissolve. Now is when you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to make the bathroom smell clean and fresh. The great thing is that you can use a different essential oil every time you clean because Oxy-Boost has no fragrance!

Pour the Oxy-Boost mixture into the toilet bowl and swish around with the toilet brush.

Now it’s time to walk away for a few minutes and let Oxy-Boost do its job.

When you come back, give the bowl another swish and a flush. Your toilet bowl will be clean and your bathroom will smell great! No harsh chemical smells!

Cleaning your drain with Oxy-Boost:

Oxy-Boost is such a versatile cleaner. It is truly a multi-purpose dream for the environmentally conscious consumer. Here is how to put the power of oxygen to work keeping my drains free flowing and smelling great.

Put a scoop of Oxy-Boost in a bucket of hot water to make it dissolve. Now is when you can add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oil. (We like the citrus scents for the kitchen drains). The great thing is that you can use a different essential oil every time because Oxy-Boost has no fragrance!

Now all you have to do is pour the Oxy-Boost and water mixture into your drains and it does the work for you! Oxy-Boost is perfect for all of the drains in your house!

Cleaning concrete driveways, dog runs and sidewalks with Oxy-Boost:

Oxy-Boost cleans the outside of your house as well as the inside! Because Oxy-Boost is non-toxic and safe for the environment there is no need to worry about your pets, grass or flowers! Oxy-Boost tackles the tough stains that Mother Nature throws your way.

To clean outside with Oxy-Boost just put a couple of scoops of Oxy-Boost in a bucket and add hot water to dissolve it. Pour the mixture on the area that you want to clean and scrub it with a stiff broom or brush. Allow the Oxy-Boost to work on the area for a few minutes. Heavily soiled areas will need extra time and maybe even an extra scrubbing. Hose off the scrubbed are and relax knowing that you have safely cleaned and deodorized the area.

Cleaning carpet and upholstery stains (from pets and spills) with Oxy-Boost:

As you already know from using Oxy-Boost in your laundry, Oxy-Boost is formulated to get tough stains out of fabrics. While you can’t throw your carpet or couch in the washing machine, you can safely use Oxy-Boost to clean spots and spills and to deodorize.

We recommend that you do a test in an inconspicuous spot to make sure that the fabric is colorfast. NOT RECCOMENDED FOR USE ON SILK OR WOOL!

To clean fabric stains mix a small amount (around 1 tablespoon) with 8 oz. of warm water in a spray bottle.

Spray the stain and LOOSEN THE CAP ON THE SPRAYER!

Oxy-Boost when mixed with water creates oxygen. Lots of oxygen power! This power has to escape somehow. Do NOT leave the cap tightened as this could create a mess!

Spray area liberally and let soak for a few minutes and then proceed blotting with a clean, dry towel until stain is removed. Some stains might need a second application depending on what the stain is made from and how long it has been there.

How to remove mildew with Oxy-Boost:

Painted surfaces (both interior and exterior), exterior siding, bathrooms, basements, decks, patio furniture and any other area where there is high moisture can be susceptible to unsightly mildew. We try our best to keep these areas clean but sometimes mildew happens.

To clean mildew, dissolve Oxy-Boost in warm water. Apply to the area that has mildew. Walk away for a few minutes and let the Oxy-Boost do its job. You might have to give the area a scrub with a brush or wipe it with a clean cloth. Areas with heavy mildew might need a second application. Be sure to remove all of the spores to ensure that you have killed the source of the mildew.

This process can also be used on outdoor fabric surfaces like patio umbrellas, awnings and furniture cushions. Rinse the area complete and let the sun help to dry the area.

Keeping these areas as dry as possible is your best defense in preventing mildew from returning.

How to make a paste with Oxy-Boost:

Oxy-Boost can be made into a paste for those really tough stains that are on a vertical surface or problem areas that just need a little extra "soaking" time. To make a paste use 2 parts Oxy-Boost to1 part water. Put the Oxy-Boost in a small container and add the hot water slowly while mixing. (If you add too much water too fast you will end up with liquid instead of paste). Continue to add the water until you reach the desired consistency to do the job. Apply the paste to the affected area and let it do the work for you! Be sure to rinse completely when you are finished.