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Dr. Jack Hagarty - Sr. Research Chemist

Dr. Hagarty spearheads new product development at Pacific Sands as the company moves forward with the introduction of its nontoxic, earth and health-friendly spa, household cleaning and other product lines. Dr. Hagarty, who earned his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Duquesne University, retired as Senior Research Chemist from SC Johnson Wax in 1999 and has worked as a consultant since that time.

Dr. Hagarty’s contributions to Pacific Sands, Inc. have been instrumental to the company’s success both in private label and branded products by devising earth, health, pet and kid-friendly formulations that are safe and effective for laundry, household cleaning and pool and spa water management alternatives.

Look for Dr. Jack throughout the site to learn the science behind why our products work so well.

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